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Use of swing circles

The ability to carry very high axial loads and overturning moment is the factor that distinguishes the swing circles among other types of bearings. Other bearing designs cannot match the parameters achieved by swing bearings. However, in order to function properly and for a longer period, they must be carefully operated and regularly checked. It mainly concerns periodic lubrication of bearings. Too much friction destroys the material, which is obviously very dangerous and, after some time, also expensive. How often … czytaj więcej

Types of swing circles

Swing circles, also called slewing rings or swing bearings, are devices included in various types of machinery, such as: excavators, loaders, cranes, lifts, jacks, excavators, gantries, wind farms. Since slewing rings are used in a lot of cases, their design is not always the same. There are differences on various levels of criteria. External construction criterion: bearings with external teeth, bearings with internal teeth, bearings without teeth. Internal construction criterion: single-row bearings, double-row bearings, three-row bearings. Rolling element type criterion: … czytaj więcej

Construction of swing circles

Slewing rings otherwise known as swing circles, are installed in a variety of devices found in the construction industry, especially excavators, loaders and lifts. Among all the bearings, they are distinguished by their ability to carry high axial loads and overturning moment. It is this feature that determines the use of slewing bearings in machines and structures where it is necessary to rotate a significant load. Explanations: 1. Inner ring 2. Outer ring 3. Rolling elements 4. Separator 5. Mounting … czytaj więcej