A wide selection

Swing circle for Volvo, Caterpillar, Hitachi? Whichever brand is mentioned, you will purchase the right elements from us that will support precision and efficiency.


The swing bearings offered by us are verified, certified and attested,
one-year warranty is given for all of them. We know what we recommend.


Each customer constitutes a different order, and a different order means different conditions. We are ready to negotiate them – we do not set fixed prices and do not impose schematic solutions.


We provide companies with excellent, certified swing circles for Volvo, Hitachi, Caterpillar, Komatsu and other brands of construction machines.
Straight from factories, and therefore within the shortest time and at the lowest price!

Choose quality

Long-term cooperation with reputable manufacturers of swing bearings allows us to present their extensive offer.
And only those that work well and improve efficiency.

Get advice

We’ve been focusing on specialisation for years. We have many years of extensive experience in the machine parts market. We will share it – we will advise you in choosing the optimal swing bearing. And we will deliver it directly to the customer.

Join the best

Our services have been tested and appreciated by the best construction companies – customers not only from Poland, but also from European, African and South American countries. Join them and take advantage of cooperation with a reliable partner.

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A reliable supplier and helpful partnerr

We advise, assist in the selection, and provide relevant parts for your machines and equipment.

Taking care of satisfied customers…

And we care for such successes, each time trying to rise to the challenge.

… and work without downtime

Each day of machine failure means downtime on the construction site or in production. We try to make it last as short as possible. That is why we work quickly, reliably and flexibly.

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“House Machinery Parts covers deliveries of top-quality machine parts and professional substantive advice”

We always want to hear such words from our customers. Success!


Our catalogue contains almost a full stock of parts: swing circles and bearings of the most commonly used device brands: Volvo, Hitachi, Caterpillar, and Komatsu. But this list does not exhaust our possibilities – if you have not found the requested part, please contact us and provide the number of the correct part.

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