Use of swing circles

The ability to carry very high axial loads and overturning moment is the factor that distinguishes the swing circles among other types of bearings. Other bearing designs cannot match the parameters achieved by swing bearings. However, in order to function properly and for a longer period, they must be carefully operated and regularly checked.

It mainly concerns periodic lubrication of bearings. Too much friction destroys the material, which is obviously very dangerous and, after some time, also expensive. How often should swing bearings be lubricated? The answer depends on the context – the operational environment, load, rotations, weather, random factors. It is assumed that this should be done every 200 hours of operation, although devices used in difficult conditions or using high rotational speed should be lubricated every 70 hours of operation.

Monitoring the clearance that occurs during operation of machines equipped with swing bearings is also important. The progressive wear of the race, which will happen sooner or later, means that the number of active rolling elements, i.e. those load-bearing, decreases. Thus, the bearing life also becomes shorter.

It is also necessary to check the tightness of the bolts systematically, as specified in the standards, because they become loose under pressure and may cause damage to the system.

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