Slewing rings otherwise known as swing circles, are installed in a variety of devices found in the construction industry, especially excavators, loaders and lifts. Among all the bearings, they are distinguished by their ability to carry high axial loads and overturning moment. It is this feature that determines the use of slewing bearings in machines and structures where it is necessary to rotate a significant load.


1. Inner ring
2. Outer ring
3. Rolling elements
4. Separator
5. Mounting holes
6. Seals
7. Plug
8. Sprocket
9. Greaser
10. Serial number or model of the swing circle

Budowa wieńca obrotu

Slewing rings are made of two or three rings, between which rolling elements are placed.

The swing rings are designed with an optional internal or external gear (sprocket).

Special seals with different cross-sections are installed between the rings to reduce dirt entering the bearing. Each ring is equipped with a hardened race on which rolling elements (balls) move. Separators are placed between the rolling elements.

Bearings should be regularly lubricated during operation. For this purpose they are equipped with greasers placed in rings.

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